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Establish Target

HS3DP established under the support of the Ministry of Education’s “Higher Education Sprout Project” at 2018
The goal of the center is to integrate advanced 3DP technology and material under the combination of industry, official, university, and research institute; to develop fast and customized manufacturing technology with high speed and precision; to cultivate HS3DP talents; to promote HS3DP and assist the digital upgrade of the industry; actively participate in multinational cooperation projects; to build a world-class research center; to drive fast digital manufacturing technology with global competitiveness, and to enhance national competitiveness.

Demo Factory and Certification
  1.AM Introduce and Guidance
  2.Regulatory Certification Application Guidance
  3.Product Develoment and Testing


Application and Analysis
  1.Lattice Structural Design
  3.Medical Application


  1.Surface Optimization
  2.Degreasing and Sintering
  3.Metal Injection Molding


AM Material Process
  1.Core-Shell Powder
  3.Fusion Agent


High Speed AM System
  1.Multi Jet Fusion
  2.Page-Wide Semiconductor Laser
  3.32" and 50" LCD Vat PhotoPolymerization


rapid prototyping

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